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Creative Process


We start by fully evaluating and understanding your requirements, goals, timelines, and team dynamic to ensure nothing is missed along the way. This process is done on non-billable hours, because we truly want to get to know every aspect of your project and the team we will be working with side-by-side.


Sometimes visualizing the end result is the most difficult and scary part of moving forward with a creative project. Our team will develop mocks, concept drawings and any other resources needed to ensure your team is as comfortable with the end result as possible before the work begins.


We employ complete transparency in our processes so that your informed each step of the way. While we are developing the creative project you will have status updates each step of the way. Status overload is the way we like it, this allows us to catch errors early and often, ensuring we meet every requirement on time.


Our team project leaders are experts in project management techniques, and understand that control and a deep understanding of the delivered results is key to making a happy project. A project is never truly over, it is monitored, adjusted, analyzed, and repeated to continually improve.


The job doesn’t stop once the deliverables have been executed. Our team is there to support any post project needs. Sometimes things need tweaking, updating, or sometimes you just need to ask a quick question. Regardless of the reason, we are here for you at any stage of the process.